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Tired of Graffiti ‘tags’?

SRRA took delivery today of special graffiti wipes, which are effective in clearing ‘tags’ from parking meters etc. These will be held initially by Edward White and Jo Whitehead for SRRA, and by Mark Dubois for DRRA residents associations respectively, but we are still asking that everyone responsible who wants to ‘Tag’-bash their specific vicinity should join in.

The wipes are great at cutting through almost all paints on smooth surfaces.

Remember too that council officer Tel. 07795 336502 can be called on to tackle bigger graffiti jobs as and when they appear.

Also, SRRA has learned that when a street telephone box has been vandalised or damaged the correct persons to call are OpenReach on 0800 023 2023. They respond quickly, especially if there appears a trip hazard or exposed wiring.

For SRRA tag busting volunteers Edward can be contacted through

Special thanks to Damien Marmura and Cityclean and to Cllr Littman for helping make this initiative happen.

Finally, remember that Graffiti is Criminal Damage under English Law. If you see someone doing it – call the cops. They keep a record of tags and can prosecute regular offenders.

Notices On Trees Update

From Dr David Harper, Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology, University of Sussex

“Two problems for trees, one for people:

1.  On all trees, bark exists in part to protect tree from infection: the pin holes break this barrier.

2.  On small trees the pin holes may penetrate vital fluid translocation vessels.

3.  Many pins end up not being removed by the polluters and may be incorporated into the bark.  They are then extraordinarily dangerous to chain saw users; sadly many street trees end up being cut.

There is IMHO no excuse for it: to advertise your fete or neglected pet with a poster there are so many alternatives ranging from fixing them to posts to string (or duct tape).”

City of the Year runner-up for Sustainable Transport

Brighton & Hove has once again been recognised as a front-runner in improving transport in the whole of Europe, second only to Funchal on the island of Madeira. This is the second year running that Brighton and Hove has been named runner up City of the Year by CIVITAS – no other city in the UK has been similarly awarded.


CIVITAS, an EU organisation that brings together cities across Europe to look at new ideas and initiatives on urban transport, cited the range of transport measures in the city, including real-time bus information, smartphone ticketing and cycling schemes such as the Old Shoreham Road cycle lane, as outstanding examples that helped secure the award.

Also highlighted was the city’s travel planning initiative to encourage schools, businesses and individuals to use more eco-friendly ways to get around, including a trial of electric bikes.

CIVITAS described Brighton & Hove as a “model city in Europe, showcasing important successes for the rest of the world to appreciate and learn from”.