Monthly Archives: September 2013

A message from Jo.

The minutes of the meeting on 11 September are now online under “About Us”.

Since the meeting I have contacted the officer with responsibility for the parking schemes in Brighton and contrary to what I understood he has told me there isn’t a six month review of the scheme.  Several residents have issues with the Traffic Regulation Orders including the non-publication of cycle bays at the top of Florence Road and the exclusive Pay & Display  bays at the top of Southdown Avenue.  The Officer responsible is Charles Field and he has suggested that residents raise their concerns at, however I do think the issues would benefit from a lead and coordination as you are usually heard better.  Rob and I would be happy to advise and support residents to do this but can’t actually take it forward ourselves.  Those who have concerns do let me know and I can put you together via this address

Please also note that the popular “Playing Out” has more dates but Jenny needs help to organise it. It is really fun and enjoyable and lets you meet your neighbours with minimal input. Please email her at

Finally, folks are asking for a social for Christmas.  There are a few core people in the Association who do lots of stuff, it would be much more enjoyable and we could get more done if others would get involved and encourage neighbours to come to meetings.  Please do consider these things so we can make the Association more vibrant.