Hollingdean depot to open longer despite concerns

From The Argus:  http://bit.ly/1bekWYC

Brighton waste depot to open longer despite concerns

A waste depot site’s operating hours have been extended – despite concerns from dozens of locals that it will impact on their lives.

Brighton and Hove City Council wanted to increase the operating hours at its waste transfer and recycling site in Upper Hollingdean Road, Brighton.

The local authority claimed the plan to allow access from 7am to 10pm, including at weekends and during bank holidays, will improve the service and lead to savings.

More than 60 locals opposed, claiming it would lead to more noise and dust, as well as truck movements at antisocial hours.

The decision was voted through by the council’s planning committee yesterday with five votes for, four against and three abstentions.

This was on the condition that glass will not be taken away from the facility at weekends, which would cut down on the amount of noise.

Ward councillor Jeane Lepper said she was “disappointed” with the decision.

She added: “If the [three] Green Councillors who abstained had actually voted against it would have been turned down.

“Local people will feel betrayed.”

Representatives from Veolia, the firm which operates the site, said the amount of waste and number of vehicle movements would not change.

They added it would result in the material being dealt with more quickly.

Some had queried why the application had been brought forward in August – two months before expected and when many people were on holiday.

But Jeanette Walsh, the council’s head of development control, said: “We do a lot of pre-application work and the speed that it’s brought forward is usually based on the quality of the information we have coming in.”

Councillors expressed concern the noise tests had been taken in Richmond Road not in Princes Road, which is residential and closer to the depot.

Conservative councillor Geoff Wells said: “If we go with this I fear we will see another application for a 24/7 use.”

Conservative councillor Carol Theobald said: “I feel it will provide a better service and keep the city cleaner.

“If there are any problems they should be resolved with the environment department.”