English Local Authority Parking Finances

The RAC Foundation report on Local Authority parking finances contains comparative analysis of both on- and off-road parking income and expenditure country-wide.

In response to a Freedom of Information request Brighton & Hove City Council stated:

“The Parking Annual Report is a requirement of the Traffic Management Act to inform the public about Local Authority on street parking and allow comparison between different Local Authorities. All surplus income from on street parking must be spent on legally defined transport related expenditure. As such all councils should report their on street parking accounts in their annual reports in a comparable way and should include details of how any on street parking surplus money is spent.

“Off street parking (car park) income and expenditure is not subject to the same legal constraints and is reported separately. The RAC’s report into parking’s on and off street operations has received widespread publicity.

“It should be noted that the council has invested £4.2m in refurbishing council car parks over the past 3 years and the city receives over 8 million visitors annually.”

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