Theft from the person

To help tailor crime prevention messages to address ‘theft from person’ (e.g. pickpocketing and snatch theft), the Home Office has asked police forces for their knowledge and experience on this subject to share with other partners. The Home Office has created a pack that includes a collection of information that has been gathered from a range of sources including police forces, key partners and academia. Within the pack, there are examples of:

  • Lessons learnt
  • Example messages
  • Existing offender prevention campaigns
  • Advice for forces to share with businesses on reducing Theft from the Person crime within their establishments

There are five sections within the pack, a short summary of each section can be found below:

Section 1

This section includes background information on ‘theft from the person’, including where incidents tend to occur and the profile of ‘at risk’ groups.

Section 2

This section offers some lessons learned from previous communication campaigns targeting theft.

Section 3

This section gives example messages, focusing on two ‘at risk’ groups: students and young women.

Section 4

This section presents details of existing campaigns that are being used by partners across England & Wales, and focuses on offender prevention activity.

Section 5

This section includes messages to businesses on how to reduce ‘theft from the person’ within their establishments and some external links to more information.

The appendix at the end of the pack contains links to further sources of information on personal safety and crime prevention.

To download this pack, please click here.