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Our First SRRA Play Street!

Well, all the emails and leafleting paid off! Thursday’s Play Street event was great for kids and adults alike. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

The street was certainly more colourful (chalks!) than when we started, and plenty of exercise was had by children from toddlers to ten or twelve year olds scooting, roller-skating and bike-riding up and down the road. Hoops, balls (foam!), skipping ropes, juggling toys and more all added to the fun.

Thanks to the friendly bunch of parents/carers who accompanied their children. Please spread the word around that SRRA is running three more events in July along Southdown Avenue:

Wednesday 3rd July, Tuesday 9th July and Tuesday 16th July – all from 3.00-6.00pm.

Thanks especially goes to all the people who acted as stewards for an hour or more – without whose help we cannot legally hold a play street, as marshalling traffic safely is obviously essential. We will be needing more stewards over the next few weeks so please contact us if you could help.

Stewards should not be simultaneously supervising their own child/ren  as you need to focus 100%, not only on cars coming or going, but also on children leaving the street apparently unaccompanied, and, as we found yesterday, footballs whizzing off across the still active roads alongside our closure!

Thank you to all the road users who patiently moved safely, with a steward, in or out of the street.

There was only one negative that I was aware of:-

Prior to the event we had to clean up the street to make sure it was safe for children – sweep up broken glass etc. The most unpleasant aspect of this was having to clear up a large amount of dogs’ mess in the street. This can cause a serious illness in children or adults – if, for example, they unknowingly handle a ball that has bounced on the mess.  If you are part of the dog walking community perhaps you could help us make all local dog walkers aware of this problem.

Val Knight

01273 506939


More Photos here

Improving Access to London Road Station

The Council has a small budget for micro schemes which will improve access to London Road station and have asked SRRA to offer suggestions.

So far ideas put forward relate to the bridge: re-treading the steps, gritting bins  icy spells, a ramped edge to help cyclists push bikes up and down.

If you have any suggestions or want to get involved in the Station Partnership, email us at or contact Ms Abby Hone at the Council

In order to comply with the funding deadline comments must be submitted by 10th July at the latest.

Graffiti Tagging

Graffiti tagging on street furniture can be unsightly and if left up, can make a street feel uncared for and less safe.

Some SRRA residents are now collaborating with the Council to be ‘block champions’ and paint out any tagging as soon as it appears on their block using regulation green paint. All paint, warning ‘wet paint’ tape and other necessaries supplied by the Council.

If you would like to join this scheme and champion your block, please contact us via