Proposal to build new school on BHASVIC Field.

The Department for Education has identified the BHASVIC playing field as the site for a new school.

Here’s the story from The Independent, an update from The Argus, the King’s School and Friends of the Field websites.


One thought on “Proposal to build new school on BHASVIC Field.

  1. Andy Briggs

    Any views expressed in this thread are solely mine and are in no way connected with SRRA.

    What are the issues here? From what I can make out the objectors to building this school fall into one or more of the following categories:

    (a) Don’t like free schools;
    (b) Don’t want the playing fields to disappear;
    (c) Automatically oppose anything Michael Gove suggests because he’s a Tory and a bit weird-looking in a Thunderbirds puppet kind of way.

    I’m mainly an (a): not a fan of King’s “distinctive Christian ethos”, or any other form of religious indoctrination for that matter. This is particularly worrying “However, we continue to be concerned about the three Free Schools recently approved which are supportive of teaching creationism as science and which we must worry will continue to find ways to circumvent a ban in practice”. That said, it’s a free country and free schools are allowed, so I won’t be lying down in front of any bulldozers.

    A boy’s Grammar School prospered on the site from 1913 to 1975 (after which it became the sixth form college it is now). Perhaps it’s time to return to a known successful formula: extend a bit onto the playing fields to make room for the 11 – 15 year olds, make it coeducational this time. It wouldn’t be a free school, would only take up the minimum amount of the playing fields (just classrooms, all the other stuff is already there), and it wouldn’t be what Michael Gove wants (although he’d have to support it as Grammar Schools promote social mobility and focus on traditional subjects – stuff that he likes): everyone satisfied.

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