Monthly Archives: May 2013

Play Streets Update

We have received confirmation from Brighton Council that we have street closures on Thursday 27th June and Tuesday 9th July, 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm for Southdown Avenue between Springfield and Florence – for children from those three streets, and on Wednesday 3rd July and Tuesday 16th July for Southdown Avenue between Rugby and Grantham – children from those three streets to be invited.

Streets were chosen purely on the basis of who attended the meeting and lived in relevant streets and was prepared to co-ordinate. We will be very happy to assist any other group of streets within our patch if there is someone who would like to co-ordinate for their area.

There is a meeting for the group who are co-ordinating – open to anyone interested in the planning detail or who will offer support as steward for traffic etc.

On Thursday 16th May at 8.00 pm

92 Springfield Road

01273 506939


  • risk assessment- obligatory
  • barriers- (Travis Perkins to supply free)
  • leafletting the streets for each closure- content/ delivery
  • stewards
  • whistles for emergency communication (ambulances etc)
  • use of church area and offer of hall if wet
  • inviting neighbours without children to join us?? Cups of tea??
  • future planning- should we apply for regular ongoing play-street closures?
  • other?

Hope this is useful – we will be very happy to take names of anyone willing to do half an hour or hour slot of stewarding at the ends of roads to manage movement of traffic during closures, advice will be given.

Val Knight

Vote on Residents Parking scheme carried.

On Tuesday 30th April the Council’s Transport Committee voted to accept the recommendation of Traffic Officers for the extension of the Zone J Residents Parking area north of the railway line.

Work to implement the scheme can now commence and it is expected that it will take effect in July.