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Play Streets

Kids Playing Out!

A group of local parents and grandparents would like our children to regularly experience the freedom of playing out with each other in their street – safely!

We are starting with a pilot event in the southernmost section of Southdown Avenue between Springfield Road and Florence Road and have received 100% support from the residents who will be most affected. We will apply for permission from the Council to hold our first Play Out in that area from 3.15 – 5.30 on Thursday 27th June and again at the same time on Tuesday 9th July. This will be for residents of Springfield and Florence Roads as well as that section of Southdown Avenue.

A second Play Out zone is proposed for the section of Southdown Avenue between Rugby Road and Grantham Road and will be for residents of those streets. The provisional dates for these are Wednesday 3rd July and Tuesday 16th July again both from 3.15 – 5.30.

We would be delighted if someone would put themselves forward to host another Play Out in the remainder of the SRRA area to include the other residents.

We are now also on the hunt for road safety jackets for the stewards, signs/bollards and high visibility tape we can use to close either end of the road. If anyone has such things or knows a local business that would be prepared to loan them in a good cause, please let us know.

The Association will facilitate the road closure and traffic stewarding but supervision of the children remains the responsibility of parents.

Play-streets were launched in Bristol by a group of parents and have already been introduced successfully in the Brighton and Worthing areas. More details can be seen at these websites:

Click on this link Playing Out for a leaflet giving more details about the scheme.

Specialists in child development believe that children need to experience some play situations in which they organise themselves, solve problems, assess some risks and solve their own social challenges without constant input from adults.

If you would like to get involved please contact Val Knight, Vice Chair-person SRRA: Tel: 01273 506939, or Sally Trelford