Keep your home and belongings safe

There has recently been a spate of burglaries in this area. Police have increased their patrols in the area but are asking for your help in reporting any suspicious activity.

If you see anything suspicious please report it – don’t assume that your information is known already or is insignificant. The police rely on the community to be their eyes and ears. They can only crack this problem if we work with them.

To reduce the risk of your home being broken into:


  • keep doors and windows locked
  • secure side gates with a mortise lock or good quality padlock
  • leave a light on when you go out in the evening
  • consider installing security apps or software on your devices such as those that allow you to track them by GPS if they’re stolen
  • mark valuable items with a UV pen or other approved method such as SmartWater


  • leave keys in the inside locks as this can help a thief to escape after getting in
  • leave valuables on display, particularly laptops, mobile phones, etc

For more information on home security, see the Sussex Police website. Or you can email Sgt Chris Lane, of Sussex Police Hollingdean and Preston Neighbourhood Team, at, and he will send you through some literature.

To report an emergency, including any crime in progress, dial 999.

To report non-emergency crime dial 101 or report it online.